Covid Guidance for Visitors

As of 19th July 2021 Covid restrictions have changed across the country. We have looked at the Government Guidance and, also taking into account company policies and procedures, the following are now the visiting arrangements for Tupwood Gate Nursing Home.
  1. Social visits rule of 6 has now changed, anyone can now make a visit, family or friends.
  2. No children between the ages of 3 to 18 can visit. Ie: school age children. ( This will be reviewed in the summer when government guidance is issued).
  3. The LFT test MUST be done prior to a visit on that day. Even if visiting everyday a test must be completed and shown to a member of staff. Please log the test to 10003507. This ensures that in the event of an outbreak in the nursing home you will be contacted by track and trace.
  4. The appointment system is still in place, please ring and speak to a member of staff to book an appointment. If a residents enters End of Life then restrictions will be relaxed.
  5. Visiting inside remains at 45 mins as we still need to adhere to infection control guidelines and enhanced cleaning. A visit in the garden can be for two hours, depending on the weather and the wishes or needs of the individual resident.
  6. PPE (Masks) will still be worn and we politely request that minimum contact remains in place.