What’s happening

A Cockney singalong at Tupwood Gate Nursing Home

Last week residents at Tupwood Gate Nursing Home enjoyed a Cockney singalong as part of the build-up to the Jubilee celebrations. They joined in with guest performer Billy singing along to a selection of well-known London songs.

‘Stepping Out’ Perform at Tupwood Gate

Tupwood Gate recently welcomed 'Stepping Out' a barbershop quartet who performed for the residents. Their style and harmonising was great, along with the informative history of how Barbershop singing began.

Sunflower Arts and Crafts

Residents at Tupwood Gate have taken the opportunity to add a touch of colour to the activities area. They made these sunflowers to display in the conservatory using lentils to give the appearance of seeds.

A Classic Country Show at Tupwood Gate

Our Tupwood residents enjoyed a classic country show earlier this month, with songs right through from 1950’s to the 1990’s. Residents enjoyed the entertainment very much and thought the performers were extremely talented.

Indoor gardening activities

At Tupwood Gate we've been bringing the outdoors in with some gardening activities. Our residents made grass hedgehogs by planting seeds and watching it grow over the course of a week.